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April 07, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

It is rare these days that I edit AND display my personal photography, so I thought I'd share some of the work I've been doing with my new Bernese Mountain Dog puppy, "Moose". 

I never thought I'd be that person who spent hours thinking up ways to photograph my dog, let alone set up an in-home studio so that I could do some dog portrait photography! Never in a million years. I wasn't even a pet person until 2 months ago. In fact, the only pet I ever had was a hermit crab named "Rainbow" who died in about 3 days. My husband had to convince me to get a dog and persuaded me that I would love this dog like a child. I had my doubts...

BUT, I am crazy about our new puppy "Moose" and am always wanting to capture his personality, the seasons, and just how fast he is growing. We got "Moosie Moose" on Valentines Day at 10 pounds - an 8 week old fur ball as sweet as could be. Now, nearly 2 months later, he weighs 30 pounds and has stolen our hearts. He is growing like a weed, loves to eat all dirt and mulch, hates walks, and is a total Mama's boy! 

AC Grayling repurposed tables

I've been keeping my camera in hand for all the small moments around the house or on our attempted walks. But I also bought an in-home studio system that I've set up from time to time in our living room. The four big windows in this room provide such soft, wonderful natural light and I could stay busy in there for hours photographing just about anything! "Moose" has realized quite quickly that these portrait sessions will happen every 2 weeks or so and he is NOT loving them. I have to beg my husband to help me trick him into standing on that seamless paper and looking all cute for some salmon treats. It's quite the process, but the results are so so worth it (although "Moosie" might disagree…). 

We get out and about too and these are some of my favorite moments. Unstaged. Natural light. Playful. Exploring. In the moment. This week's snow storm provided one of those perfect moments to capture! 

AC Grayling repurposed tables "Moose" will probably be one of the most photographed dogs around, but I can't stand his cuteness and want to capture it all! I think I'll add Dog Portrait Photography to my business:)


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